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Fundação Cidade de Lisboa

Teaching the future – climate action & sustainability   

Erasmus + course for educators

Our transformative course for educators: "Teaching for Tomorrow: Climate Action & Sustainability”, under the Erasmus+ program is designed to empower educators to champion sustainability, fostering greener schools and nurturing environmentally-conscious students. Throughout this course, you'll explore innovative teaching methodologies and strategies tailored to cultivate active engagement with climate issues among your students. 


Empowering Educators for Climate Action within their schools and classrooms  

Embark on a collaborative learning journey where we delve into the intricacies of Climate Action and Sustainability Education, rooted in the framework of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and Global Citizenship. 

Set against the vibrant backdrop of Lisbon, this journey isn't just about classroom learning—it's a holistic experience that integrates the city's rich natural and cultural heritage. From exploring local ecosystems to discovering sustainable practices embedded in Lisbon's urban fabric, you'll be immersed in an intercultural exchange that enriches both your professional development and personal growth. 

Join us as we pave the way for a brighter, greener future—one classroom at a time. Together, let's inspire change, cultivate eco-awareness, and empower our students to become lifelong advocates for the planet. 


Schedule of the Course Teaching human rights in the classroom  

5 Days also available 7-day course   

For groups of at least 8 participants we can adjust the schedule according to needs. 

Lisbon City Foundation - OID E10100997




Target Audience

Professionals such as teachers, educators, trainers, educational coordinators, school career counselors, special education teachers, curriculum developers, headmasters, educational counselors, psychologists, social workers, youth counselors, international exchange program coordinators, and school management and administrative staff will find this course valuable. It caters to individuals working across diverse educational settings, encompassing primary and secondary schools, vocational schools, training centers, adult education schools, higher education institutions, kindergartens, and non-governmental organizations (NGOs). 


Embracing the World of Climate Action in Schools: What Awaits You 

Participants in this engaging course are set to embark on a 5-day voyage of exploration and personal growth, acquiring vital knowledge and competencies in the realm of human rights education. Here's a preview of what awaits you: 

Day 1: On the Path to the 2030 Agenda 

Day 2: Get Ready for Climate Action 

Day 3: Climate action adventure: eco-heroes in Lisbon 

Day 4: Making a Difference: Small-scale Projects with Large-scale Impact 

 Day 5: The power of small initiatives for significant changes

Climate Action Education Experts 

In our course dedicated to " Teaching the future: climate action & sustainability” we are privileged to have expert facilitators who will guide and inspire you on your journey towards promoting human rights education. 

Find our training team.


Hands-On Approaches to Climate Action Training 

Throughout the course, attendees will actively participate in hands-on group activities, deliver concise presentations covering theoretical content, engage in storytelling, collaborate in group dynamics, explore the power of music, images, and videos, and share valuable pedagogical resources and practical case studies. Additionally, guided cultural excursions and visual aids will enrich the overall learning journey. 

Included Services in the Teaching the future: climate action & sustainability – Erasmus + course for educators in Lisbon 

FEE: 400€ (5 days) / 560€ (7 days) 

  Course information sheet

Registration and Contact 

To embark on this transformative educational journey or for any inquiries, please contact us at: 

Phone: (351) 21 756 82 41 | (351) 964 581 649 


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